Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The World's Most Haunted Places

Many have been able to unearth the most haunted places in the world. The Colosseum of Rome is listed as one of them.

This ancient monument is definitely a symbol of the mighty Roman Empire but it was also the place where thousands met their doom. Gladiators were forced to fight until their deaths to entertain Caesar, the emperor of Rome at that time. Sadly enough, this cruel and barbaric act continued over a period of 500 years.
It is said that ghosts have been sighted in the Colosseum and sounds of swords clashing, loud weeping and even the sounds of tigers and lions have been heard too.
Another spooky site is the ‘Auschwitz Concentration Camp’. This is a place where happiness ceases to exist that even birds refuse to sing in this death camp. About four million people, mostly Jews, were massacred here during World War II under the command of the Nazis. Most were killed in gas chambers using the highly poisonous cyanide-based insecticide, Zyklon B. Others were starved to death and used for cruel medical experiments. Needless to say, visitors have sighted ghostly apparitions in the camps many times over.
The White House is also among these haunted places. It seems that several presidents and first ladies of late refuse to vacate the building. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, is the most frequently sighted ghost in the White House. Many have reported seeing him around the residence especially in the Oval Office. Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president, also refuses to leave and is often seen rummaging around the attic. No one knows what he is looking for. Andrew Jackson, the 7th president has also made several appearances in his former bedroom in the White House while former first lady Abigail Adams has been sighted floating through the hallways.
It is believed that spirits linger on in our world if they fail to complete any ‘unfinished business’ when they were alive.
In Paris, people tend to be unaware of the shocking events that took place in this magnificent city during its grand remodeling in the1860s, when the ‘Catacombs of Paris’ were re-constructed to support the expansive housing developments and massive boulevards that now define the metropolis.
Underneath the beautiful fa├žade of the city is a structural support system built of human bones that houses one of the largest mass tombs in the world. Millions of corpses were quietly dug and their remains deposited along the walls of the dark and uncanny passageways lying beneath the city grounds.
The catacombs have become a huge hit amongst tourists who venture to the underground tombs to catch a glimpse of one of the goriest sights in the world. The silence here is indeed deafening as visitors frequently sight ghostly apparitions along the passageways sometimes following the tour groups around.
Raynham Hall located in Norfolk, England is also one of the most famous haunted places in the world due to its well-known ghost figure, ‘The Brown Lady’, who was captured on film in 1936 floating up the staircase and is said to be one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken. It has a long history of sightings, reports and strange phenomena stretching back to over 250 years. People residing in this building have encountered many strange happenings.
Among the most famous incident reported was in the early 1800’s, when George IV stayed at the house. He spent the night in the state bedroom, but was awoken to see a woman dressed in brown standing at his bedside. The woman was deathly pale, and scared him out of his wits. Another visitor, Colonel Loftus, recalled encountering the ghost twice on Christmas in 1835.
Another site famous for its ‘paranormal’ entities is the Tower of London. The history in this place depicts both the bloody and cruel acts leading to the torture, execution and even murder of countless people among which, include some of the most well-known individuals that helped shape England’s history. They were violently interrogated, tortured and eventually sentenced without a trial. Most were beheaded as this was a common form of execution during the Medieval and Renaissance England times.
This would explain why ghostly apparitions are sighted in a headless state. Visitors and guards have reported hearing the rattling of chains and desperate cries of prisoners inside the towers.
Some of the famous individuals that succumbed to these cruel acts were Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England who was beheaded in 1536 after being falsely accused of adultery, incest and treason, Lady Jane Grey is another commonly sighted ghost and she too was beheaded in 1553. Many spiritual ‘entities’ have been spotted by those who visit the towers and obviously, clairvoyant activities commonly occur in this place.
The never-ending parables of ghostly encounters and experiences will always remain part of our world. However, it is not an issue to toy around with. Despite our various beliefs, these stories were carried down from generations to generations for a reason and I’m sure it’s more that just a bedtime story to scare the kids.


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