Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strange Specters at Emily Morgan Hotel

Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan Hotel is located at 705 E. Houston Street in San Antonio, Texas.

The Emily Morgan Hotel was once the Medical Arts Building which was constructed in 1924. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in San Antonio. The tower is 13 stories tall and made of reinforced concrete and glazed terra cotta. The Gothic revival influence of the period is quite noticeable in this building. One of the most interesting features are the terra cotta gargoyles that depict various medical ailments such as toothaches, etc.

In 1984, the building was transformed into a AAA Four Diamond boutique hotel.

You May be Wondering "Who Is Emily Morgan"?

Legend has it that Emily, at the age of 20 detained General Santa Anna in his tent while the Texans won a decisive battle in only 18 minutes in a charge against a Mexican camp.

Emily is widely believed to be the inspiration for the well-known song, "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

The 7th and 12th floors seem to be the most active. The 12th floor was where the operations took place when the building was a medical center. Reports of noises, smells of alcohol, and being touched are common on this floor. On the 7th floor witnesses claim to have seen human shapes walking around and then walking through walls or doors. One family staying on the 7th floor reported having everything blast on in their room at 2:30 a.m. Then they saw a shape move through the room and through the wall.

The basement had been used as a morgue and crematory. Voices, footsteps, and orbs are often seen in this area.

The front desk has reported receiving calls that could be traced to the phones in an empty elevator. The elevator has been known to keep going between the sixth and seventh floors with no one in it.

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  1. Stayed @ The Emily Morgan Hotel in SAn Antonio.
    When we booked we had no idea that it has a haunted history. It was very clean but small lobby. We stayed in room # 1205 we did not feel comfortable and I began calling other hotels but being Spring Break/ St. Patricks day we had no luck finding a room needless to say my husband was irritated at me for considering changing hotels after we just got there and we were all very tired. The room depressing but great location. After a short rest period we decided to go eat on the River Walk on the elevator there was a couple and I stated isn't this place a little spooky. They told me it was haunted and we should pray. I took it like a grain of salt thinking they were just messing with us, however my 10 yr old did pray after she researched some history on this hotel with her i-phone! My husband and I sent my mother and my child back to the room as we wanted to stay at the River Walk for a few cocktails. We arrived exhausted around 11pm and went to sleep.Around 3 in the morning I felt someone tapping my leg I thought it was my daughter I shrugged and moaned like what do you want I am trying to sleep. I realized my child was still asleep in the other bed. I was to scared to look around the room what seems like 5 minutes later a vacumm cleaner was running I tried to awake my husband but he was asleep like a bear in the woods.I woke up my mother and she heard the vacumm noise also followed by a door slamming shut. 15 minutes later I felt the blanket being touched as if someone was trying to sit next to me on the bed. I was hot but was too scared to turn the a/c down. I hugged my husband and remember shaking for maybe 30 seconds or so I tried again to wake up my husband that's a JOKE! STRANGE I BELIEVE I WAS VERY BRAVE BUT NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAY THERE AGAIN!!! When we checked out I told the front desk about all of this and the lady told me there was another family on the 12th floor who checked out with her 2 small children crying in the middle of the night from some paranormal activity in her room. I sure hope she posts her story as it would be interesting to hear about her experience.